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Why We Fit Hormann Garage Doors

When it comes to garage door brands there are so many choices.

You can go cheap, or you can go super expensive, but as any expert will tell you, the best options lie perfectly within your budget, whatever that might be.

There are some brands, however, which simply can’t be ignored. It’s why, more often than not, we turn to Hormann for the garage doors we supply and fit.

We’re under no illusion; unless you know your garage doors inside out, you’ve probably never heard of Hormann. And that’s fine, but we would like to give you an insight into why they’re so important to us – and our customers.


Patented designs = features you won’t find elsewhere

One of the best things about Hormann garage doors is that they patent a lot of their designs.

The result? Features you simply won’t find on other garage doors.

For instance, Hormann have developed and patented design elements within their small garage doors which means there’s no ugly spring at the top of the door. Other manufacturers have no choice but to leave that unsightly spring on display, leaving the finished result looking not quite as neat as the Hormann example.



They’re aesthetically pleasing

Every garage door we fit is aesthetically pleasing, but Hormann goes a step further thanks to some wonderful little design tweaks.

Take the tracks, for instance. Usually, they’re left as bare metal, but on a Hormann garage door, you can have them painted so they’re more aesthetically pleasing.

You can do the same with the closures, too!


Say “hello” to thermal frames

An insulated garage door panel will do a great job at keeping the heat in (and out), but the talented team behind-the-scenes at Hormann have gone one step further.

They feature what is known as a ‘thermo frame’. This helps deal with the issue steel legs have – the fact that they’re not present on most insulated doors. Hormann spotted an innovation gap here and now offers an insulated, entire frame for the garage door.

This makes a huge difference when ensuring the heat contained within the garage remains where it is, but it also makes its presence felt when you want to keep the outside temperature at bay.



Back to those looks…

Hormann garage doors have colour-matched facias, and this is not always a common sight.

The fascia is what finishes off a garage door, and while they sometimes work without being colour matched, more often than not, the end result looks far better when they are.

Hormann doors are also available in a great range of textures which feature matching profiles for that completely integrated look. These finishes are often what tempt our customers to opt for Hormann over the alternatives.


They last – as the warranty proves

A garage door isn’t a purchase you’ll want to make regularly, which is why long guarantees are so sought after.

This is where Hormann really wins. Each of their doors comes with a 10-year warranty, which means you’ll have complete peace of mind that they’ll last the distance.

Thanks to the forward thinking team behind Hormann design, they’re also future proofed with some great modern touches. For instance, they now have a ‘supermatic motor’ which enables you to control the door with your smartphone.

Finally, Hormann garage doors are what we like to call ‘installer friendly’. That means they enable us to fit the doors quickly and without any of the challenges that are often encountered with other brands.

If we’ve tempted you to invest in a Hormann garage door for your home, just get in touch with the knowledgeable CA Shutters team and we’ll show you why we think they’re so great.