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Why Every Home Should Have a Retractable Awning

When was the last time you spent most of the warmer months outside in your back garden?

If you’ve spent any amount of time living in the UK, you’ll know that the weather is about as changeable as it gets. Even when it’s blisteringly warm outside and the sun is shining, there’s always the threat of a rain shower.

That’s why an awning is such a great addition to virtually any home, and it’s why the team at Horizons is installing more of them every year, for homeowners like you.

What’s more, you can buy retractable awnings which are more cost-effective than you might think, and which offer several significant benefits.


You’ll use your garden more

Let’s cover off the most obvious benefits first – it’s adding living space to your house. An awning of any kind will enable you to use your garden more throughout the year.

In fact, it’ll encourage you to do so.

It’s too easy to give up heading outside if you’re worried about what Mother Nature might throw at you (literally). This is particularly the case if, to spend time outside, you’ll need to grab the furniture from its hiding place and rearrange everything each time.

With an awning, you can leave the outdoors furniture out all year round, and head outside whenever the needs strikes – without worrying about the rain clouds.


They’re a great accompaniment to bi-fold doors

If you’ve got bi-fold doors, you’ll know how wonderful they are. Unfortunately, you’ll also be aware that they can let in just as much heat as they allow to escape.

If you add an awning above the bi-fold door entrance, you’ll be amazed by the effect it has at cooling both inside the room and the immediate area outside.

With a retractable awning, you simply press a button when things get a bit too hot, and it immediately draws in a much-needed area of shade outside.


They’re showerproof

So, what happens if you head outside, sit under your awning and the heavens decide to open?

Good news – retractable awnings are technically shower proof. That means you can leave them fully extended while it’s raining and remain outside, listening to that comforting sound of rain hitting the fabric above you.

Just bear in mind that you shouldn’t retract an awning when it’s wet. Just like a tent, you’ll need to allow the awning to dry out completely before pressing the button to bring it back in.


You can actually use them all year!

That’s right – awnings aren’t just for the warmer months.

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys cosying up outside when it’s cold, then a retractable awning could be the perfect addition to your back garden.

Full cassette retractable awnings are all-enclosed, which means they’re protected from the elements. They’re also built from the latest materials and technology which is designed to withstand anything Mother Nature can unleash.

That means you can indeed leave them open all year long and really make the most of your garden, whatever the weather. Who doesn’t enjoy sitting outside with a hot chocolate, toasting marshmallows on a chimnea or keeping warm by the patio heater?

If we’ve got you excited about retractable awnings, just get in touch with the Horizons team to find out what we can do for your outdoor space.