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Which type of Garage Door Is the Most Secure?

Good news: if you’re looking to buy a new garage door, you have the pick of the bunch when it comes to security.

There really isn’t any such thing as an insecure garage door these days (unless you buy cheap, of course!).

If you pick the right supplier, brand, and installer, you’ll benefit from ultra-security with one of the most important external elements of any home.

There are just a few things to keep in mind, which we thought we’d reveal today.


Don’t forget Secured by Design

Secured by Design (or ‘SBD’ as it is sometimes known) is an initiative developed by the police to help improve the security of buildings. It plays a big role in modern garage door design.

The SBD initiative includes a huge reference guide from which manufacturers can draw inspiration for safety features when they build their products.

If you’re planning on buying a garage door from Horizons, you’ll find that it’ll possess the Secured by Design rating, and there’s nothing better to give you ultimate peace of mind.

But what types of garage door are particularly secure? Today, we’ll look at two options which really do fit the bill (literally).


Option 1: canopy garage door

If you’re looking for a cost-effective yet highly secure garage door for your home, then look no further than the ‘canopy’.

Usually referred to as an ‘up-and-over’, canopy garage doors are still some of the most popular for homeowners. This is because they match great pricing with function and impressive security.

A modern canopy garage door uses a spring mechanism at the top of the door panel which forces around a third of the door to protrude when open (hence the term ‘canopy’).

The heavy-duty locks used on these garage doors are more secure than you might think. And the best news? Criminals know this, which is why they’ll almost always ignore them if they’re looking for an opportunistic break-in.

Budget contained but want ultimate peace of mind? A canopy garage door is definitely your answer.


Option 2: sectional garage door

Canopy garage doors consist of one single panel, whereas sectional garage doors (as you might expect) are made up of several sections.

As the door lifts and retracts into the space behind it, the sections recess into the roof space. It’s about as simple as it comes in terms of operation, and the design of sectional garage doors means they’re very secure, too.

This makes them almost identical to roller garage doors with the same Secure by Design rating. In fact, these two types of garage door are almost interchangeable in that regard, so you’re making a great choice, whichever way you decide to go.

Despite this, sectional garage doors are usually great theft deterrents, because the unscrupulous in society know that they’re particularly difficult to break into. This is thanks to their design, solid construction, and the need for a superhuman effort to have any chance of entering without a key fob.

Sectional garage doors aren’t the cheapest on the market, but if you want the absolute best and ultimate peace of mind, they’re a great choice.


Stay one step ahead of the criminals

It bears repeating that modern garage doors are highly secure, no matter what type you choose.

The most important thing (beyond the Secured by Design label) is the way they’re installed. So, make sure you go with a reputable, experienced company and get in touch with the Horizons team today to find out more!