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What’s a Sectional Garage Door?

There are plenty of options when it comes to garage doors, but if you want to make yours a real statement piece, look no further than a sectional garage door.

They’re not exactly the most common. After all, up-and-over garage doors and roller shutters are more likely to be found on your street.

That makes sectional garage doors a great choice if you want to stand out, but there’s plenty more reasons why you may want to opt for this style.

Let’s get into it.


What is a sectional garage door?

On the face of it, sectional garage doors sound very similar to roller garage doors.

They open vertically (although there’s a horizontal option, too), which means they save plenty of space inside and in front of the garage.

Sectional garage doors benefit from an incredibly smart design. They’re split into separate sections which run on vertical and horizontal tracks as they recess back into the garage space.

This offers two benefits:

  • they never protrude onto the driveway; and
  • they take up minimal space inside the garage itself, once opened.

Sectional garage doors also provide a full opening into the garage, which makes them perfect if you want to store your car in there (and gain fast, easy access to it).

They’re also great options if you like to park right up close to the garage door without having to move the car every time you want to open or close it. We all know what a faff that can be.


Why should I choose a sectional garage door?

A sectional garage door may not be your first choice. In fact, you may never have heard of this type of garage door until you found this blog.

That begs the question: why should you go for one?

Like all great things undiscovered, sectional garage doors are fantastic once you realise their benefits.

For instance, security will no doubt be one of your upmost concerns, and you’ll therefore be glad to hear that sectional garage doors are among the most secure on the market. So, that’s one box ticked.

Secondly, sectional garage doors are fantastic at keeping your garage warm or cool, regardless of what’s happening outside. This is thanks to the use of thick foam insulation behind the steel panels which are brilliantly energy efficient.

The same goes for sound deadening. If you’re planning on undertaking noisy work in your garage or using it as somewhere to practice with your band mates, sectional garage doors will do a wonderful job at preventing the noise from escaping.


What about the style?

Just like most modern garage doors, sectional garage doors come in a range of different styles.

This enables you to match your sectional garage door to the rest of the home’s aesthetics. You can even opt for doors with built-in window panels if you want to maximise the amount of natural light entering your garage.

Most doors of this kind come in white as standard, but there are wood and woodgrain effect colours and various other finishes you can choose from to match your style and taste.

There’s also the choice between automated electric versions and manual, too, depending on your preference and budget. And whether you can be bothered to get out of the car as you approach the drive!


You’ve convinced me – how do I find out more?

If you never knew you wanted a sectional garage door until now, or if we’ve given you the information you need to pull the trigger on a much-debated purchase, just get in touch – we’d love to answer any further questions you have.