The Surprising Benefits of having Roller Shutters at Home

Roller shutters are great options for certain homes, but you may not have considered them for yours.

To be honest, you might have dismissed them as being purely for business premises. That’s understandable – you typically see roller shutters used in retail outlets and within hospitality venues. Why would you install them at home?

But if you want to up the security game in your own little kingdom, they’re a great option. Here are some of the surprising benefits of having roller shutters at home that you almost certainly won’t have considered.


They allow light in

If your biggest concern about having roller shutters installed at home is that they’ll block light out, think again.

It’s possible to install roller shutters at home which feature something called ‘vision’. This simply allows light to pass through the shutters, regardless of whether they’re opened or closed. They’re just as secure, too.


They can be remote controlled

Imagine pressing a button and watching as your roller shutters effortlessly slide down from their small casing.

You can do just that with the latest versions. It’s convenient, secure, and let’s be honest – really cool.


They’re more compact than you think

Many years ago, roller shutters used to be big, bulky, and ugly, but the modern versions are super compact.

They retract into a box above the opening that’s just 200mm by 200mm. It’s barely there and practically disappears when the shutters are fully opened.


You can have any colour of your choosing

The roller shutters we supply for homes can be powder coated. This means they can technically be transformed into practically any colour of your liking.

This is great if you want to precisely match the aesthetics of your home or if you just really love a specific colour.

This should also allay any fears about roller shutters standing out when they’re installed; the ability to have them powder coated in a colour of your choosing means they’ll blend effortlessly into your home.


They act as a great burglar deterrent

The good news is that the chances of your home being burgled remains relatively low, but it always pays to be vigilant.

One of the best burglar deterrents is roller shutters. They immediately look more impenetrable than homes that don’t have similar fixtures, which means opportunistic thieves are likely to give them a wide birth.


You can control them via home automation

If you’re the sort of person who has recently got into home automation, you’ll be glad to hear that roller shutters can be added to your bat cave-like setup.

We noted earlier that modern roller shutters are remote-controllable, but they can also be paired with home automation systems such as Alexa for full voice control. This is ideal from a security perspective but also super convenient because it means you can literally close or open your roller shutters, no matter where you happen to be.

Have we tempted you to try out roller shutters for your home? Just get in touch with the friendly Horizons team to find out more.