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The Fundamental Purpose and Benefits of Side Hinged Garage Doors

Need a new garage door? Want to stand out and add a unique element to your home?

Maybe it’s time to look beyond the traditional ‘up-and-over’ option.

There’s nothing wrong with up-and-over, roller, or sectional garage doors; they’re great choices. However, if you want something a little different, a side hinged garage door might be the perfect choice for you.

They’re convenient, traditional, and very stylish, but if you haven’t considered one yet, let’s get into the reasons you might benefit from a side hinged garage door.


Side hinged garage doors: a quick definition

From a quick glance, side hinged garage doors look very similar to standard garage doors. However, their design hides a much quicker way for the owner to access what’s inside.

Side hinged garage doors are usually supplied in either a half split or two-and-two-thirds split configuration. This means they open in the same way as the front door to your home.

As suggested by the name, a side hinged garage door simply swings open when you need access. It’ll open fully, too, which means you can still drive your car into your garage if the space is used for that purpose.

It’s even possible to have windows installed within side hinged garage doors, thus encouraging as much natural light to enter the garage as possible. This is particularly useful if you work in the garage or simply want more natural light in that space when the door is closed.


The main benefits of side hinged garage doors

Waiting for a roller door to open fully or having to continually lift an up-and-over garage door might not be ideal if you access the garage a lot.

This is where side hinged garage doors come into their own. They provide fast, convenient access thanks to the way in which you can simply swing them open. It makes them the ideal choice for any garage with a high footfall.

You don’t need to worry about security, either, because side hinged garage doors are super secure. Including the latest locking systems as standard, they also hide the contents of your garage when opening – unless you open them fully.

“Freedom” is probably the one word that comes to mind when we think about side hinged garage doors. If you regularly nip into the garage and don’t have access from inside the house, this type of garage door will ensure you can do so without opening it fully. However, if you want to gain full access, it’s just as easy; you simply swing it open further!


Side hinged garage door styles

You’ll be glad to hear that there are plenty of styling options available when it comes to side hinged garage doors. In fact, they can even be customised to match the look and feel of your property.

Most side hinged garage doors come as standard in steel, hardwood, or timber, but there’s plenty of choice when it comes to finishes and colours.

You can have them insulated, too, which makes side hinged garage doors a great choice if your garage happens to be a home gym, workshop or office space.

If we’ve tempted you by the prospect of a side hinged garage door, you can get in touch with the CA shutters team today to ask any further questions you might have.