Internal Bar And Servery Shutters

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Keep your stock safe from theft when the bar is closed with our bar and servery shutters.

If you’re running a pub, bar, or restaurant, securing the bar area or any serving points will be one of your top security concerns.

The best way to keep your stock safe from theft outside of operating hours is with Horizon’s impressive range of bar and servery shutters.

What are bar and servery shutters

Our shutters can be attached to virtually any bar or serving area. Made from aluminium, they’re designed to retract fully during opening hours and provide a secure closing when last orders have passed.

Operation is simple and non-intrusive thanks to the way in which our bar shutters retract effortlessly into a compact box at the top of your bar. This makes them hidden from view when not in use but easy to deploy whenever the need arises.

What versions are available?

Our bar and servery shutters can be supplied either in a compact unit to ensure you retain as much available space as possible in a confined space, or you can instead opt for our standard steel 77mm lath shutters.

There are three options available for our shutters:

–          solid, to prevent anyone seeing in once closed;

–          perforated finish to enable partial vision of what lies behind the shutters; and

–          punched, which provides maximum vision when closed.

If you opt for perforated or punched, you’ll still gain a high level of security from these shutters when they’re closed.

Many people opt for the lightweight aluminium shutters we can provide, but there’s also a steel version available if you require an extra layer of security.

What are the benefits of internal bar and servery shutters?

The lightweight aluminium construction of our shutters is great for closing off areas without drawing too much attention to your security measures. In instances where you need additional security, the steel version is even more robust.

The internal bar and servery shutters supplied and fitted by Horizons are perfect for venues where you need to close off the bar but keep other areas of the building open. They’re also highly useful for outdoor bars and areas where there is a serving location during operating hours.

These shutters are highly secure, but aesthetically pleasing, too, therefore you can gain peace of mind and ensure that the bar or serving counter still looks its best, open or closed.

What colours and options are available?

Our shutters are available in standard colours of white, black, brown, and cream. However, if you need a different colour, we can produce them in any colour from the RAL or BS standards on request.

Shutter control can be offered in a number of forms including manual operation and motorised. Remote control is also available as a group command, enabling you to raise and lower several shutters simultaneously with the single press of a button.

How do I find out more?

To find out more about our internal bar and servery shutters, just get in touch with our team who will be happy to answer any questions you might have and speak to you about what exactly you need. We supply and install in Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead and the surrounding areas.