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Our premium range of insulated shutters provide you with security and light and sound insulation for your home.

The Horizons premium range of insulated shutters provides ultimate security for your home or business premises.

They do an awful lot more than that, though. These shutters also deliver great sound and light insulation for your property. There’s no better solution if you’re looking for a security product that protects your home and provides the benefits of sound and light insulation.

What are insulated shutters?

Insulated shutters operate in the same way as standard shutters but have some unique benefits.

Our shutters retract effortlessly and automatically into a small box above your door or window. This means they disappear from view when closed and provide full coverage when deployed.

They differ from standard shutters because they’re fully insulated. This ensures light and sound escape and intrusion are kept to a bare minimum.

How do they work?

Our residential shutters are available with a compact box to minimise the aesthetic impact on your home while still providing great security.

They’re available in a number of formats for opening and closing, including:

–          belt driven;

–          rod and crank;

–          spring and lock; and

–          motorised.

Remote controls are provided, but you can even connect these shutters to many home automation systems such as Alexa for full voice control.

What styles are available?

Our range of insulated shutters come in various sizes and styles. They look fantastic once installed and come in a number of standard colours.

The standard colours we offer are powder coated in white, black, cream, or brown, but we can provide them in any colour from the RAL or BS colour code to help you match the colour scheme of your home.

The maximum width of our insulated shutters is 3400mm, and we ensure every shutter is bespoke for the window or door it’s protecting.

Are there retail versions available?

Yes! These insulated shutters are ideal for retail and commercial applications, too.

For these scenarios, we can provide larger insulated shutters which feature a 77mm lath foam-filled aluminium slat. These offer a medium security level and great heat and sound insulation, up to a width of 5400mm.

We can also supply these insulated shutters with vision slats as an optional extra, if required.

Standard colours of black, brown, or white are available, but we can powder coat them to any RAL or BS colour of your choosing to match your business frontage or internal colour scheme and branding.

How do I find out more?

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