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No matter the season, our verandas allow you to enjoy the outside air, protected from the wind and weather.

Verandas allow you to enjoy the outside air more often, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be protected from anything Mother Nature can throw at you.

Our verandas will help you transform your outside space and enable you to transition effortlessly between inside and outside. We supply and install in Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead and the surrounding areas.

What is a veranda?

Verandas are permanent structures typically attached to the exterior wall of a house. They’re perfect for providing a shaded area and enabling you to enjoy more of your garden, more of the time.

Our modern verandas come in a huge number of styles and are built to last. They’re popular among homeowners who want to use their outdoor space for dining and entertaining, but also provide a perfect excuse to simply spend more time outside in the fresh air.

What are the benefits of installing a veranda?

The UK is subjected to a pretty diverse weather system, as we all know. That means the outsides of our homes are usually left unused for at least six months of the year, and sometimes even during the warmer months.

A veranda will provide year-round protection from the elements, ensuring you can head outdoors more often, including during the evenings, and enjoy your garden or outdoor space as much as you want to.

The verandas supplied and fitted by Horizons offer lots of flexibility, too. Glass panels and doors can be added at any time, enabling you to customise and modernise your outdoor space whenever desired.

Our verandas are very popular with residential clients but are just as well suited to commercial properties such as cafes, hotels, and schools.

What options are available?

Our verandas are made from high-quality aluminium which ensures they’re made to last and won’t discolour or rust. They’re also fitted with minimal supporting posts, thanks to their sturdy construction, and that means you’ll retain as much space as possible, along with an unobstructed view of your outdoor area.

You can even add an awning to your veranda, which provides additional shelter and shade from the sun when it gets particularly hot – a great way to create a space in which to cool down and relax outside. They’re simply fitted beneath the veranda which ensures the awning remains in pristine condition.

Additional options include LED lighting systems to help you enjoy longer evenings and stylish heaters that allow you to enjoy extending those evenings even further!

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We supply and install verandas for domestic or commercial use in Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead and  the surrounding areas.