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Is My Outside Awning Waterproof?

We can definitely rely on rain in the UK. But isn’t it frustrating how unpredictable those showers can be? Particularly during the summer months!

This makes outdoor living rather challenging, and something we can only enjoy for very specific times of the year – if we’re lucky.

It’s a fact of life in this country, but it’s also why awnings are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. They enable people to enjoy their gardens for longer periods throughout the year, without worrying about any unexpected downpours.

So, that begs the question: are awnings really waterproof?


Waterproofing and modern awnings

The good news? Modern awnings are indeed showerproof. Indeed, weather resistance is a key feature that all manufacturers spend a great deal of time on during the design and build process.

Awnings need to contend with a fair bit of potential weather, too. Beyond the rain, they also need to deal with high winds, snow, and pretty much anything else Mother Nature decides to throw their way.

It’s why the awnings supplied by Horizons benefit from high ratings on the Beaufort Wind Scale, which is a method for measuring wind resistance.


Do you need to dry awnings out before closing them?

This will probably make you think of those school or family camping trips where you couldn’t fold the tent away afterwards because it was too wet.

What followed was a frustrating exercise where you had to find somewhere – anywhere – to dry the tent fully before it could be packed away.

Just like tents, the fabric on awnings needs to dry properly before it’s folded away. But the good news? This is far easier with an awning because you simply leave it extended and wait for a bout of sunshine to dry it off.

Thankfully, you can now buy awnings that have rain sensors, and which can be set up to retract when they detect the first few water droplets falling from the sky above.


Is it possible to leave awnings open all year round?

This depends on the type of awning you opt for, but it is possible.

For instance, if you go for a semi-cassette awning, it won’t have the same amount of casing as a full cassette awning, and that means it’s best retracted when not in use in order to protect it from the harsher months.

However, if you have a full cassette awning installed, they can actually be left open all year round. This is due to the fact that every element that makes up the awning is fully enclosed, and it’s a great way to enjoy your garden, no matter the season.


Want to find out more?

If the discovery that awnings are indeed weatherproof has got you excited about the prospect of adding one to your home, just reach out to the friendly Horizons team and hit us with your questions.