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How Roller Shutters Do More Than Just Protect Your Business

Roller shutters have been a popular choice for business premises all over the world for many years. But it isn’t always for the most obvious reasons.

Sure, they’re a great way to secure your premises. One of the best, in fact. Thanks to a security-first approach to design and construction, modern shutters provide a very high level of protection against criminals.

However, roller shutters offer benefits that extend far beyond security. In fact, you’d be amazed by how much more they can do for your business.


They demonstrate that you mean business

Rollers shutters make a huge difference to the aesthetics of a building. It’s why they benefit any commercial unit or warehouse; a simple, purposeful design delivers the best first impression – always.

This is important for both customers and employees. The great thing about roller shutters – like so many things in business – is that they’re simple. They’re not garish, and they don’t divide opinion – they just look smart and reveal to anyone passing by that you mean business.


They’re about as convenient as it gets

Getting into your business premises shouldn’t be tricky or dangerous, and that’s why roller shutters are such a popular choice for all manner of entrances.

They provide ultimate convenience. A single press of a button will raise and lower them, and modern roller shutters take up minimal space when fully open.

This means that both people and vehicles can enter and exit easily, but it also means that there’s no protrusion into your grounds when they’re open, so there’s no juggling of parked cars in order to utilise the available space.


They can be branded

You may not be aware that roller shutters can be fully branded, too.

This means they can actually play a significant role in the marketing of your business. For instance, many firms will install vinyl-wrapped roller shutters which feature their logo, company name and brand colours.

This is a great way to advertise your business while it’s closed and leave an indelible mark on the area with your branding.

Equally, if you’d rather keep things simple but still retain the essence of your brand, roller shutters can be painted to pretty much any colour in the spectrum.


They don’t have to be ‘closed’

Did you know there’s such a thing as ‘vision’ roller shutters?

These enable passers-by to see into whatever lies beyond your roller shutters. They’re most commonly used on store fronts, where the owner wants people to see what’s inside, even when they’re closed.

It’s a great reminder that your business is there, but also acts as a tantalising glimpse at what you have to offer. If you work in retail, for instance, vision shutters will ensure you can still advertise special offers and your latest products – even when your doors are closed.

Vision shutters come in three forms:

  • perforated, which feature small holes and roughly 20% vision;
  • grille, which have slots allowing about 80% vision; and
  • punched, which sits somewhere in-between the two above in terms of vision.

Don’t worry – vision shutters are just as secure as their ‘fully-closed’ counterparts, too (they can be painted, as well).


Does my business need roller shutters?

Given how convenient they are and the cost-effective options now available, roller shutters are becoming a bit of a no-brainer for most businesses.

Put it this way – if you’re concerned about security at your premises but would like to ensure the building still plays its role in marketing the business, roller shutters are the ideal choice.

We appreciate you still may have some questions, though, and if that’s the case, just get in touch with the CA Shutters team to find out more!