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How Much Should You Expect to Pay for a Garage Door?

When was the last time you bought a garage door? Come to think of it, have you ever bought a garage door?

It’s certainly not an everyday purchase, which is why it’s completely understandable if you need to stop and ask the question: how much does a garage door cost?

The potential answer to this question is made all the more interesting these days thanks to the sheer number of options on the market. From traditional up-and-over garage doors to side-hinged, there’s a lot to choose from.

The good news is that with choice comes plenty of ways in which to maximise your budget. So, today, we’re going to help you pick the perfect garage door for you, with a solid eye on price.


Garage doors are always expensive, right?


There’s a garage door available for every budget, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised once you start looking at the options. They’re far more affordable than you probably think.

It all comes down to the style you opt for, because that is, by far, the largest determining factor of the overall cost.

Most styles of garage door come with plenty of options, too, so if you’ve got a bit left in the pot, you can increase its usefulness or tweak the aesthetics.


How much does each style of garage door cost?

As noted earlier, you’re blessed with lots of choices when it comes to your next garage door.

There are four main styles of garage door to consider. With that in mind, let’s consider what kind of price you’ll be looking at for each.

  • Up-and-over garage door prices. These remain one of the most common choices and start from around £800.
  • Roller garage door prices. An increasingly popular option, these super-convenient garage doors start from around £1,500.
  • Sectional garage door prices. These offer the same space-saving abilities of roller garage doors albeit with different aesthetics. Expect to pay from £1,800.
  • Side-hinged garage door prices. If you need quick, convenient access to your garage on foot, this is a great option and starts from around £1,400.

Can you pay less? Absolutely. Will you get a garage door that’s fitted perfectly and that’s as secure and durable as it should be? Almost definitely not.

Like most things in life, if you spend more and opt for reputable brands, you’ll get far more for your money. With garage doors, that means greater peace of mind, better durability, and the best possible fit and finish.


Three reasons why you should pay more for your garage door

If the prices above are more than you’d expected, it’s probably worth diving into the reasons why you should pay more for a garage door.

There are three in particular which reveal why this is such an important investment.

  • You’ll pay for safety: your garage door has a very important role to play for the security of your home. Would you skimp on your front door? They’re both entry points, after all.
  • You’ll get longer warranty: garage doors are really put through their paces. Regular opening and closing and the constant battling with Mother Nature mean that a lengthy warranty period is a very useful thing indeed.
  • The more you pay, the longer it’ll last: a long warranty might offer peace of mind, but you’ll be amazed by how long a decent garage door will last. When installed professionally, you can expect anywhere up to 20 years of life from a modern garage door.

There are plenty of things which can impact the overall cost of a garage door, so if you’ve got any further questions at this stage, please do get in touch with the friendly Horizons team