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How Do I Care for my New Awning?

Like any home addition, an awning needs to be properly cared for if it’s to last the distance.

The good news is that modern awnings are built from metals and fabrics which are tough and designed to stand the tests of time. But you do need to do your bit as the owner.

This is why it’s important to speak to the supplier and digest the care instructions which will almost certainly come with your new awning.

But how do you care for a new awning without the process getting in the way of your enjoyment of this wonderful garden addition?

Welcome to our simple guide!


Don’t rely solely on self-cleaning

Modern awnings feature state-of-the-art nanotechnology and Teflon fabric coatings which makes them resistant to water, oil, and dirt. They also do a great job at preventing rot.

However, the self-cleaning offered by your awning isn’t enough to ensure its longevity. That’s why it’s a good idea to clean your awning at least once each month.

You can do this by making sure it’s clear of debris before washing off any dirt. Hosing it down and allowing the fabric to dry naturally will achieve the best results here. Just make sure you don’t use any harsh chemicals, because they could destroy the integrity of the fabric.


Think about opting for a full cassette enclosure

One of the most popular types of awning is the full cassette enclosure. This ensures both the awning fabric and working parts are all protected from the elements, whether fully extended or retracted.

Full cassette enclosures can subsequently be left open all year round if you wish. They also need far less cleaning than semi-cassette and open awnings.

This doesn’t mean you can get away without cleaning them at all! A good hose down is still a smart idea once in a while, but cassette enclosure awnings are great options if you want ultimate convenience.


Inspect your awning

The likelihood of finding a tear or any other form of damage on today’s awnings is pretty rare, but it’s still a good idea to check for them.

Inspect yours regularly for tears and rips, because the earlier you spot issues, the less of a big problem they’ll become further down the line.

You’ll be unlikely to find damage if you look after your awning, but a quick glance will save you big time in the long run.


Don’ts of awning care

So, what shouldn’t you do with your awning if you want it to last many years?

In order to prevent your awning from becoming damaged, make sure you:

  • don’t use your barbecue or patio heater beneath the awning, because smoke and heat damage will potentially wreck the fabric;
  • inspect the awning’s frame as well as the fabric for any signs of wear and tear;
  • don’t allow foliage to grow too close to your awning, because that can cause debris to build up and rip the fabric; and
  • check those care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

That last tip really is worth keeping in mind. The manufacturers of awnings know exactly how to care for them, so lean on their experience and advice when it comes to keeping yours in tip-top shape.

If you’ve got any further queries on how to care for your awning, or what type of awning would best suit your intended use, just get in touch with the Horizons team today!