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Side sliding sectional doors are for special fitting situations and requirements. It is a true statement piece for your home.

Side sliding sectional doors are perfect for garages where there are special fitting requirements or limited space inside to house components.

They’re also a great way to make a statement and ensure the garage door fits within the design and aesthetic feel of the rest of your home.

What are side sliding sectional doors?

Unlike up and over doors, roller garage doors and standard sectional doors, side sliding sectional doors open – as the name suggests – to the side. So, instead of sliding open vertically, they simply drift to the left or right of the garage opening.

Our Hörmann side sliding sectional garage doors are the ideal solution when you need a special fitting or have limited space. In such instances, up and over garage doors or roller doors rarely provide the best solution.

Side sliding sectional doors are usually provided with automated opening controls, but we can also supply manual versions if that’s what you would prefer – the choice is yours!

What are the benefits of side sliding sectional garage doors?

Side sliding sectional garage doors are perfect if your garage’s ceiling needs to remain free. This might be the case if you want to use the ceiling to store items (for example, that surfboard or long planks of wood).

They’re also highly advantageous if the door cannot be stowed underneath or fixed to the ceiling – for example, due to construction reasons such as a sloped roof, low lintel, or obstructive drainpipes.

The 42-mm-thick, PU-foamed sandwich panels are also characterised by excellent acoustic properties and thermal insulation in addition to great door leaf stability and smooth running.

What styles are available?

The possibilities with our side sliding sectional garage doors are almost endless.

There are a huge range of colours, styles, and finishes to choose from. Just like all of our standard sectional garage doors, you can pretty much choose any design or style to fit perfectly within the rest of your home.

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