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Horizons offer a selection of high quality garage doors to our customers across Slough, Windsor & Maidenhead and the surrounding areas.

Garage doors are easily forgotten – despite the fact they’re one of the most important parts of a property. As a result, garage doors are often only changed when they begin to fall apart, look very shoddy, or get broken into.

Waiting until your garage door is no longer secure to give it some love doesn’t seem particularly fair, does it? Surely garage doors deserve more than that, given their invaluable function and aesthetic role?


Garage doors from Horizons

Our garage doors come in an exciting range of styles and colours, but they also have different locks, hinges, openings, and uses. Stacked with the latest security and technical features, they’ll increase the protection, aesthetics, and yes, even the price of your home.

We often find that our customers choose a garage door for convenience and aesthetics, so we’re always keen to point out the varying benefits for each type and style.

Garage doors have to deal with a fair amount of hassle from the weather and act as an invaluable barrier to your home, so you’ll be glad to hear ours come with long warranties.

We install garage doors for the long term for your full peace of mind.


How do I find out more?

If you’re looking for a brand-new garage door or need your existing door fixed, look no further than Horizons. We install and supply high quality garage doors in Slough, Windsor & Maidenhead and the surrounding areas.

Whether you’re looking for a modern sectional garage door, insulated roller, side hinged or traditional up-and-over, our team will find the solution for you.

Our long-standing relationships with high quality suppliers such as Hormann, SWS, and Select mean you’re dealing with qualified suppliers and fitters who work with the best products on the market.

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The different styles of garage doors we supply and fit are listed below:

Why are garage doors important?

A quality garage door will offer three main advantages:

  1. Curb appeal: your garage door will not only compliment but completely finish off the overall aesthetic of your home.
  2. Security: garages are unfortunately popular targets for burglars, but a modern garage door will deter and prevent them from attempting entry.
  3. Energy conservation: heat from your home may be escaping from your garage, but a sturdy, well-insulated garage door will reduce the chances of that happening.



What misconceptions and mistakes are made when choosing a garage door?

People often go for the cheapest option which invariably leads to a poor product and decreased lifespan.

How can I decide on the right garage door?

Think about the type of garage door you need and the features that will best suit. Are you going for looks, space saving, or security?

What insurance considerations are there?

Check that the manufacturer is part of the Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) and look for LCPB tested and approved products.

What’s the one tip you’d offer when buying a new garage door?

Remember that the people you buy the door from aren’t usually the manufacturer, so research the manufacturer first. Look for long guarantees (like the 10-year manufacturer guarantee offered by Horizons).