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Choosing a Garage Door? Hold Your Horses!

If you’re hovering over the ‘buy it now’ button for that classic up-and-over garage door… stop. It might not be the right one for you.

Don’t get us wrong – up-and-over garage doors are still a brilliant option for many homes, and there’s a reason you see so many of them in your area, but they’re not the only type of garage door.

From roller garage doors to side-hinged (yes, they’re still a thing!), garage doors come in several configurations, each of which is uniquely suited to the intended use of the garage and the property’s aesthetic.

So, grab your favourite hot drink, and let’s make sure you pick the best garage door for your needs.


What to consider when choosing the right garage door

You may simply be thinking “I want one of those garage doors which opens when you press a button”. And that’s cool – a really good idea, in fact.

But did you know that there are lots of options for electric garage doors? For instance, the most common is the roller garage door, but sectional and even up-and-overs can be electric, too.

This is why it’s better to start by thinking about what you need from the door and how it needs to slot into your everyday life. It’ll help you narrow down the options considerably.

Ask yourself:

  • What is the garage being used for?
  • Does it matter if the door protrudes onto the driveway when opening?
  • How often do you enter the garage?
  • Do you need to park your car in the garage?

Answers in hand, let’s look at four types of garage door which you need to consider.


  1. The traditional: up-and-over garage doors

This type of garage door has been around for many, many years, but for good reason. It’s an affordable design, and it’s secure. This is why most new home builders still opt for up-and-overs, too.

Their biggest benefit is the fact they operate via a single panel design. That makes up-and-over garage doors easy to install and simple to use, but also easy to fix if things go wrong.

Just bear in mind that they protrude while opening and do take up space in the garage when fully open.


  1. The push button option: roller garage doors

Yeah, we hear you – the idea of pressing a button and watching as your garage door effortlessly disappears into a small box above the opening is the stuff of dreams, right?

That’s exactly the experience and convenience you’ll get from a roller garage door, and it’s why they’re an increasingly popular option for homeowners.

They’re really secure, too. Made from individual slats which sit flush alongside one another, roller garage doors are seemingly impenetrable, and avoided by most opportunistic thieves.

Oh, and they can be operated manually, too – just in case the button thing gets boring (it won’t).


  1. The alternative to rollers: sectional garage doors

If you love the idea of the convenience offered by roller garage doors but their design doesn’t quite do it for you, a sectional garage door might be just what you need.

These garage doors recess into your roof space on vertical tracks, but never protrude while they’re opening. Rather than slats, they feature large sections, which some people prefer, and which offer a very pleasing aesthetic.

You’ll also benefit from a full width opening if you happen to use your garage for car storage.


  1. The one you haven’t considered: side-hinged garage doors

If the idea of a side-hinged garage door conjures up thoughts of old barns with rusting, rotten wooden doors – think again.

They’re less common, but side-hinged garage doors are a brilliant option for anyone who wants quick, convenient access on foot to their garage.

Side-hinged garage doors are usually available in half-split or two-and-two-thirds split configurations and have really useful optional extras such as door stays to prevent them from crashing shut in high winds.

They also have the option of integrated windows to allow more natural light to flood into the garage space. This makes side-hinged garage doors a great option for anyone who wants to use their garage as a secure space in which to work.

If you’re still unsure about which type of garage door is best for you, just get in touch with us. We appreciate we may have given you more reason to doubt your original choice, but that’s why we’re here; simply throw your questions our way!